RMC Properties, the sales division at Real Management Company, is led by Joshua Silverman. Josh launched a sales division within a property management firm for two primary reasons: 

1.     His primary markets are San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley—all tightly regulated rent-controlled markets. Having sophisticated property management expertise at his fingertips allows Josh to guide you to avoid the numerous legal pitfalls that come with owning real estate in these three cities. 

2.    RMC Properties provides a platform for Josh to pursue all of his real estate passions, from helping a first-time homebuyer find the perfect place to being lead developer in a multifamily construction project.

Josh was born and raised in Berkeley, CA, and after many years away, he settled in Berkeley with his wife and son in 2017 (and they welcomed a second baby boy to the family in October 2018). Josh graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in English literature, after which he went on to attend San Francisco State University and earn an executive MBA (where he befriended J.J. Panzer, owner and broker of Real Management Company). Josh is an avid swimmer and hiker and loves to spend time with family and friends. Josh is passionate about the Bay Area and looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for the region and all that real estate has to offer with you.